Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cassia and a HUMMER

Well Everyone,

I have had a great day doing some container gardening today! 

There is nothing more magical than being in a backyard oasis  PLUS seeing Rufous hummingbirds flitting and darting around all afternoon. Hummingbirds rarely rest. Did you know they have one of the highest metabolic rates in the world?

It is very challenging to get a picture of one of these tiny birds. So I am borrowing one! When I am armed with more than my blackberry I promise to repay whoever I got this from.

So now to the real topic of my afternoon post! CASSIAS!

Here are the Candlestick Cassia seedlings upon germination...they were planted on April 29th and this is how they looked on May 14th!

On the very next day...May 15th. Check this out!

All this from a plant that was growing along the coastline of Santa Barbara's Shoreline Park!!! Stay tuned for more...

Happy Planting to all the Gardeners out there!
Mark :-)

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