Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Perfect Sometimes

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to Carpinteria, California!

Justin James sings a song called Perfect Sometimes. Click here to give it a listen. It is the perfect soundtrack for this post from Carpinteria, a perfectly chic and cool coastal town in Ventura County.

Good to know!

window shopping...

a California native flower...and a happy new California man!

A to Z what is grown in California...a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit!

I have been intrigued by this little corner of the coast of California for about a year, but had been heading for points north. On Sunday we finally found a reason to go and explore the nooks and crannies. Let's go!

I am going to just say it: I need the beach! I have been to over 15 states and lived in 3 now. New York, Florida and California. That means I have lived along the shores of The Great Lakes, The Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and finally the Pacific! Surf's UP...

    at Carpinteria State Beach! You may notice the distinct smell of asphalt when you visit here. Don't be alarmed. There is natural tar seepage here. The story goes that the Native Americans used the tar to line their canoes.

TAR! be careful which rocks you sit on...

Now let's see some details as we walk the bluffs...

Lately, I have been celebrating my recent accomplishment. Since November I have been trying to get a professional license to sell insurance. On my 2nd attempt I passed the exam. April 19th was a happy day!  

On May 8th I became an agent. I am still trying to process that and figure out...what's next.

What is next? Do I go back to working for retail to make ends meet? So right now I am looking at jobs left and right. Even more than the last 7 months. I have never been unemployed before this. Since 16 I have been working. No worries. I know God has something incredible in store for my life. I just have to check all options. One of my favorite sayings is that God can part the waters, but if you don't take a step you still get nowhere.

So...I have to keep walking and making footprints...I need to keep believing that anything is possible and that even though things may be rough right now there is so much opportunity. Viewing the ocean reminds me of this. The depth of faith in my life.

Progressing back towards the car I look up onto this trail. The mountains rising up in the distance, reinforcing the solidity of the land. Can having just a little belief in life really help us move mountains?

Don't go fishing for mussels at this time of year. The State will remind you...

One last picture...if you have seen  Monster-in-Law you will remember Jane Fonda's character. Who knew there was a park named after her?

If you have not seen the movie just click on the movie title up above...I promise you will Laugh Out Loud!

Adding a little laughter to every day...

Smile. Just because!

Mark :-)

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