Friday, May 18, 2012

EveryBODDY Wants To Be Us...

Hello Everyone,

So I couldn't resist but borrow a famous line spoken by Meryl Streep to Ann Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada for today's title. I am a big fan of Meryl and strongly encourage you to see, if you have not, It's Complicated. It reinstates my love for California!

Today I want to share some more of my recent trip with Carlo to Descanso Gardens. I just counted the number of pictures combined that we took in our 5 hour tour. 519! What can I say? Both shutterbugs are we! This is common for us...just *click* away all day!

Let me show you more of this beautiful place...

First I present one of Pasadena's Showcase Homes for your viewing pleasure.

The Boddy House. Built in 1937

some cool succulents filling a container

I am a sucker for anything KiWi related! Here is a succulent with that name
 This house was featured as a Showcase Home of Design in 2007 so there was a LOT of renovation that happened, naturally, due to this honor. I didn't take many pictures of the interior, but Carlo did! So here we go...

You may want to move in!

Where does this door lead??

Knock Knock...

Get ready...This really is spectacular! I have seen some beautiful homes throughout my travels, but this took my breath away.

The Study

Behind the Looking Glass...

Living room...freshly decorated

OH MY mother-of-PEARL

I'm ready to write my cook book!!!!

Now when I travel I really take my time to see as many details as possible. I am a plant-a-holic! I can't help here you are always going to see lots of gardens...

Kalanchoe 'SiLVER PLATTER': hubba hubba

Victoria Agave

A beautifully designed and living Garden Wall

Reminds me of Provence, France

To round this second story from Descanso out, let's leave with a poetic thought:

Some times are hard
Some times are sad
Let's wake up in the morning
 and climb into a hopeful bed.

For to be radiant when all is well
...when the days are good
 is easy to tell.
Your petals unblemished and untested by the wind.

To fall far down
 and still BLOOM
 is where the secret lies.
Your heart the safe and strengthened haven
 where your true beauty resides.

Have a good night friends,

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